Klever 72

About Us

The development of the economy and technology is unstoppable. But not everyone has time and sometimes enough capital to be able to participate in this future that awakens us every day. This is why our collaboration project was born in which it is intended to support the small saver, the entrepreneur and everything that takes us a step forward as a species, always respecting the life, health and environment of our planet.

Klever 72 is established to create a community and give support to savers, small investors and small businesses that pursue the same values that we defend, democratizing access to lucrative and innovative markets, as well as sustainable in the medium and long term.


Create a community in which to facilitate and educate small savers and entrepreneurs on investment, as well as promote entrepreneurship


Generate tools that allow small investors and enhance their savings and entrepreneurship


Responsibility | Sustainability | Entrepreneurial spirit | Honesty | Commitment